I'm ivory, I'm steel...I am Argent

If you’re going through hell, keep going.



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I predicted this… They’re gonna come for us. They’re gonna burn us to the ground.

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i remember painting this on the airplane to new york in february

i remember watching you paint this on the plane to new york

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video games graphic battle | vs. aesfocus
round three ➝ typography (lara croft)

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"Once you found out about the book, the only thing that I could think of was how to make it up to you. And I would have done anything to get you to forgive me. But I realized, that might not ever happen, and I had to be  o k a y  with that.”

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"I’m green, you are blue, you are purple, Hanna’s pink, Ali’s yellow, and white is for whenever we don’t know who the story’s about."

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[Sam gets captured for the billionth time]

Lara Croft materialized outside of the video game and took a selfie and nothing can convince me otherwise.



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Talking about the special features on the DVD (X)

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Spencer and Hanna always “understanding each other”.

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Hannibal Lecter + aprons

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